Sunday, 31 July 2011

A cat called MEOW !!!

                                         In a far away land lived a small girl. She had everything she ever wanted - sweet family ... awesome friends .. expensive clothes ... EVERYTHING .. except - A PET !! 
                                         Then one day her parents brought a small fur ball ... so small that it could fit in her hands !! She looked at it and her small world was complete ... The angel of her life grew up to become the world's best cat - MEOW !!

          She was the so clever .. she just had to put on her "innocent" look and anybody would be ready to die for her!! 

                                          With her  HER EYES  she melted peoples' hearts !!    

                                                         Those eyes emerald - like eyes !!!! 




                                        No wonder she is related to the  The Royal Cat !!


                                        And she made a wonderful mother of sweet kitties  !!

But not all stories have " And they lived HAPPLY ever after " end .... Some stories just end ... Suddenly ... And My story ended suddenly just liked that when MEOW left me ... And now I don't where she is  ... I only know that I will never ever forget her .. Whatever happens she will be the person ( or rather a living being ) I loved the most !! 

                   I LOVE YOU MEOW .... 


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