Saturday, 30 July 2011

A Little Introduction First !

Hey-lo Fiends , 
                      After long lengths of pondering over to start a blog or not , finally I decided to give it a try !
So as per common tradition I'll introduce myself  ---
                      I am Saaylie ! Stupid name , right ? I hate it ! Anyways ,  I am a very frank person .. I can either be your best friend or your worst enemy !!  I ADORE pets . I have 3 cats Meow , Bunty and Bubbly !! (Meow is the cutest of them all ) What else ? Haa .. My life's desire is to perm my hair and colour them red !!
                    I love to draw and paint and do creative stuff ( in fact its gonna be my career - Designing ) .   I am a gossip queen .. a BIG movie freak ... I have read Harry Potter books series almost 2534656 times !! ( Same about HP movies ) I am a twilight lover too ! Actually , I LOVE TO READ !! I am a serious Facebook addict !!
I live for Chocolates <3 and Bhel ( a tasty-delicious snack from India ) and Pasta !! I learn German but I want  to learn Spanish .. I love NEW YORK !! Fashion is my Passion !! 
                Umm.... Ok .. Thats it !! Hope you all love my blog !
                                    HAPPY BLOGGING ! 

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