Wednesday, 10 August 2011

15 Cool Leggings

Newspaper Leggings: These unique leggings comes with a newspaper print on them.

Denim Leggings: These come from Paige Denim Legging Collection that are designed to fit and flatter every body type while providing maximum comfort.

Net Top with Connected Leggings:

Galaxy Leggings: Creation of Lillis of Black Milk.

Wood Patterned Leggings: These tights come from Dutch label EnD by Eva and Delia.

Webby Leggings: Another creative creation of Lillis of Black Milk.

Crystal Studded Leggings:

Robot Leggings: These come from Darkhorse, inspired by the Fritz Lang, 1920's sci-fi movie Metropolis.

American Flag Leggings: These leggings not only look cool but are also good for the earth too. Made from used plastic and organic cotton.

Electro Leggings:

Triangle Leggings: Creation of Amsterdam designer Camille Cortet, these leggings are inspired by the snake.


Gold Leggings: These high shine geometric patternered leggings are said to look the best on darker skin tones. 

Zipper Leggings: Comes with a zipper from top to bottom on the side of each leg.

Map Leggings: This one comes with a map printed on them.

 Lighting Leggings:

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