Sunday, 14 August 2011

IncredibleINDIA !!

The Golden Bird ...
Thats what India was known as before British ruled India. It was a rich and prosperous country who gave homes to live to a million golden-hearted Indians !!
Varied in nature and topography , India prides in a very pleasant and suitable climate to live in . There are magnificent and enchanting places in India like Kashmir - The Heaven on Earth , The seven sisters , Madhya Pradesh  The heart of India , Rann of Kachcha popular as the Moon on Earth , Kerala - God's own country and many more breathtaking places, and the cherry on the cake are the architectural monuments which India is proud of !
But , the most "icredible " part of India is its people . People who speak hundreds of languages. People who follow different religions . People who live in 28 different states , but people who are INDIANS and are known for their wonderful heart and manners all around the world . There certainly is diversity but India still maintains "unity in diversity" and this quality of helpfulness , caring and loving natures of we Indians make India - Incredible India !!

Today ( 15th august 2011) on India's 64th Independence Day , I salute my country and pray for its prosperity and happiness !!

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